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Testing, Testing, Roadtrip!

November 9, 2008

This is kind of a test to see if I can post a picture. Like I said before, my wordpress is a way old version and I gotten emails from some of you with issues posting, so I thought I’d try it out first. I’ve got a learning curve as well :) I’m debating to update my own version because I see cool things like how I could have “polls” on my site, that would be fun. But, it also seems to take a lot more just to post a picture, where before all I had to do was copy and paste, now I have to make a couple selections as well.

If any of you check my personal blog, you might have read how I was on a road trip to Colorado. While my best friend drove, I sat in the passenger seat, admiring the views and knitting the above scarf.I finished on the way back home.

MY BF’s sister recently moved back to Colorado (Loveland) and we decided to take the opportunity to road trip there, driving through illinois, iowa, nebraska, wyoming, colorado, kansas, back through nebraska, iowa and back home to illinois. We had several sites we wanted to hit up along the way: Carhenge, The Worl’s largest ball of twine and an historic train ride through the royal gorge in CO. We got all that accomplished and more! Check out my flickr photoset for more “world’s largest” and Rocky Mountain beauty.


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  1. everydaycreate permalink*
    November 9, 2008 3:25 pm

    Hey lady! I’m so sad that I missed you! I lived in Colorado until about 2 weeks ago. I’m glad that you got to do the fun things that sadly, I never got to do (like ride the train!). Isn’t Rocky Mountain National Park beautiful? I used to live so close to there….sad day.

    Anyway, glad you’re posting! Once you get the hang of it it’s really easy it just takes a few tries and then it’s second nature. Love all the pictures btw.

    And where on earth did you get yarn made from recycled bottles?

  2. robayre permalink*
    November 9, 2008 3:41 pm

    Surprisingly I got it at a Walmart along the way! I actually bought it because the color and it was kind of soft compared to the other acrylics or polyesters and it wasn’t until I got in the car that I discovered that it was made using plastic bottles. Bonus!

  3. November 9, 2008 3:59 pm

    HEY! DO I need to do anything special to become an author on the blog? Thanks!

  4. everydaycreate permalink*
    November 9, 2008 4:06 pm

    Well Wally World is the only place I have in this crappy town to find stuff like this yarn so that makes me happy to know!

  5. everydaycreate permalink*
    November 9, 2008 4:07 pm

    Julie, you don’t! Just log into wordpress and you should be an admin on the site.

  6. November 16, 2008 5:18 pm

    Love the scarf, Robyn, and I can’t believe that Walmart sells something environmentally friendly… sorry, I have a bit of an axe to grind with Walmart, but much as you, Bri, I used to live in an area where it was the only option.

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