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Let me try and figure this thing out

December 19, 2008

Okay, so maybe my picture inserting problems in the last post were due to the fact that I was on a mac at work, and that my browser was netscape. This was much easier to figure out this time.  Dashboard looks more normal now, phew.

So anyway, I haven’t posted in a while so I have a few things to share and unfortunately I’ve posted most of this on my personal blog already and I think several of you have already, kindly commented on them over there, so this maybe all repeat stuff for you, and I apologize.  On with the stuff I’ve been making. Above is a recycled paper ornament. I tore up an old catalog and my boyfriend, matt, and I worked our buns off for about 3 hours putting it together. Innitially, I thought we would be able to make a handful of them in that amount of time. Nu, uh. It’s time consuming, but looks very pretty, dontcha think? This is where I got the pattern to make it.

Here is a picture of some staple books I snuck in, while I should have been preparing for my show. It was addicting. I have this major glitch that I seem to only be really productive when I should be working on something else. Anyone else have this problem. For example, I am in my pajamas and haven’t showered, I’m supposed to be at work in a half an hour and instead of getting ready, I’m washing the dishes I’ve neglected for a week.

Next, I discovered that there is this awesome glass place in town where you can go in and work on fused glass for30 bucks, flat. See the above picture, all of those pieces are on a 10×10 inch square brick. Once fused together there will be more than 30 different glass pieces. 30 bucks for the tile, more than 30 pieces, that means each of the above potential pendants, rings, pins, etc. make out to less than a dollar each, to make. No pre-requisite class, no down payment, no hourly fee, nothing, wowza! Hello christmas presents, right? I met my friends there who were already working and they let me get in a couple pieces on their brick. Fun, fun, fun. I can’t wait to go back. The funny thing is, in the past I’ve never really been into fused glass jewelry, but to make it myself, totally rad.

I completed a new piece of artwork and added it to my shop. As I mentioned above, I couldn’t have done this before the show to enter into the show, but I could do it immediately afterward, probably when I should have been running errands or something. Anyway, it is another piece for my circle series and I really love it. It’s on watercolor paper and I applied this fine shimmer glitter in a few select places that make it really pop. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate very well in the photos I took.

and last but not least, here is a picture from my show. The gallery (The DeKalb Area Women’s Center) is an historic building in the area, with a different art show up each month. The building was once a temperance hall in the early 1900s and from the outside, and inside, looks like an old church or one room school house kind of place. The main gallery (where my friend erin was showing) is the main room. In the back of the building is a stage, complete with a trap door in the floor, is where my show is. We had a good turn out, and it was pretty comfortable, probably because I didn’t do much promotion, so I didn’t have to stress about strangers critiquing my work right in front of me. I just think back to my college years and how I opted out of an art degree partially because of the fear of having a show. At the time I vehemently stated that I would never have an art show. Well, here I am now, and I can say I have had a show.

Okay, enough for now, this was a loooong post. sorry about that. I’ll try to post more frequently with little bits at a time, now that I realize posting from home will be easier.

I hope everyone is doing well during the holiday seasons. I’d love to see more of what people are working on. I think there are still a few of us who have not posted here yet, right?

-robyn (robayre)

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  1. Bri permalink*
    December 19, 2008 3:12 pm

    all of this looks AWESOME. I’m really proud of you for overcoming your fear and doing a show! You really should have gone for the art degree – clearly, you’re talented enough. Although I guess that this goes to show you that you don’t really need one!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. December 19, 2008 3:37 pm

    WOW!!! the gallery space look fantastic. I also love the new circle series artwork. You’re so productive!!

  3. joonwalk permalink*
    December 27, 2008 2:10 am

    Congratulations on your show and overcoming your fear. Do you think you will do more, willingly? I can’t wait to see your glass, fused. Thanks so much for sharing all your work and thoughts. I do things in an offbeat manner, as well. Somehow it all seems to work out in the end, doesn’t it? Not much impetus for us to change! :)

  4. stacysdesigns88 permalink*
    January 3, 2009 3:09 am

    Wow, love your fused glass pendants/art. Please take a close up so we can see the details. Love that paper ornament…looks vintage and beautiful. Congrats on your art show. What a way to go in 2008 and now into 2009! Happy New Year everyone!

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