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February 10, 2009

I’ve found that stalking our lovely ms. robyare around the internet has yeilded some awesesome finds, one of which being swapbot!

I found that I wasn’t selling enough stuff on etsy to fulfill my need to send packages, and also with nothing selling, I was having motivation issues making anything else.  Swapbot has solved all of that!  I can send and get packages, paying only for shipping, and do lots of fun creative stuff.

Here’s some pictures of what I received from someone else, and then what I made out of it to send back to her!  I love the ideas of using someone else’s creativity and your stuff to make something totally different than you ever would have dreamed of.




I also made a scratch pad with the rest of the paper.  I hope that she likes them!

Below is a picture of what I got together to send to someone else, to make me a project with – sort of an eclectic mix but I’m excited to see what I get back!

my stuff!

my stuff!

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  1. February 11, 2009 12:24 am

    Ohmigod, super cool! I am so on this… I love what you made!!

  2. February 13, 2009 5:16 pm

    That’s too neat! Wow, love things that force you to turn on the creative juices.

  3. February 24, 2009 11:54 am

    YAY! This is so exciting! I’m so glad that you love swapbot and I love this post, all that paper and your creation. How creative :)

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