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A Little Hello

January 30, 2010

I haven’t done this in so long that I didn’t even know I had a joonwalk blog until I messed around trying to get ‘in’.  Happy 2010 to you all.  I have been away from blogging ever since I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote a novel in the month of November.  Then it was the holidays and on and on.  You know how it goes.  Also, like Robyn, I am working hard to cut down on my computer time.  And blogging is very time consuming for me.  Honestly, I just don’t do anything quickly.  I would fit in to a slower time  {the 1940s perhaps} much better than this brave new century.  I was thinking this morning that having the internet lifestyle is a bit of a curse.  I do love what it brings to my life, but I also remember my life before I became connected to the world this way.  I did so many things and, even then, I felt overstimulated.  Little did I know.  I am considering giving up the internet for Lent.  That concept seems impossible.  I cannot recall even one day that I haven’t been online so it has to be years ago.

We have started watching Centennial on NetFlix {I am still cableless and proud/happy/OK thrilled to be so} which has me thinking about the lifestyle concept.  They felt their days went by slowly as youths and much too quickly as they aged, yet they spent most of their time in quiet, leisurely pursuits living a remarkably simple life.  Interesting.  They noticed and appreciated the world around them much more it seems to me.

Scout, of course, had not seen Centennial and when I asked her how she liked it her response was that she loved it ~ I am not surprised with this ~ but, remarkably, the sentence continued with  … ‘I love how quiet it is.  They don’t play music all the time like they do in movies now.  And, you know I love music, but this is so much more enjoyable.’  Fascinating observation.

I am loving seeing your recent posts.  They’re wonderful and I am happy we are reconnecting.  These are the internet perks, having met and become friends with you all and others.  For today I thought I’d share a few of my recent flying housewife letter packet bits.  That activity does bring me back to another time, not so long ago, yet how quickly the art of handwritten letters has disappeared.  Every time I think about quitting this venture, and I think about it every day, I compel myself to redirect those ponderings.  As hard as it is to complete an order, I am always grateful when I have finished one.  Grateful for the forced resurgence of a dying art and my participation in it.  One that I love and holds, for me,  some of my few happy memories.  One that I believe in and inspires me.

It leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, pleasure and optimism.

Forced creativity.  What a concept.  So 2010 isn’t it?

Well, we do what we can.  I’ll take it.

ciao for now and have a happy day…  ox joonie

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  1. January 31, 2010 5:42 am

    Nice to “see” you Joon! That’s a terrific concept…cutting back on internet usage. Each day it seems like I’m on it for several hours. Learning something new own form of “getting the news” since I don’t read the newspaper or watch news as it’s always depressing. Maybe I’ll try to cut back also or get on some type of daily schedule. Love the pics. Take care, Stacy :)

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