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January 14, 2010


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Catching up! I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a quick vacation home to California. Phew! It (always) goes by so fast. I’ve continued to take a picture a day and just got everything uploaded and updated. Again, phew!

Here is my picture from yesterday. The plane had just taken off out of Phoenix. It was during one of those amazing Arizona sunsets. I was playing with the camera trying to make the most of the orange glow wafting in through the window. I took a whole bunch of these, but this one is my favorite as it seems the least “posed”. And lucky me, no boogers.


I’m here too

January 10, 2010

I’m going through one of those slumps where I really don’t feel like posting, even to my own blog, or uploading to flickr or just being at my computer all of the time (like usual). The last week of 2009 I took a break away from the computer, but even before that I was wanting time away. I figure it is one of those times when my cup is empty and I am needing to fill it back up by pouring in plenty of living real life and taking in more beauty and inspiration. It is perfect timing too because I will need to be re-energized. Starting February 1st is the Thing-A-Day for 2010 (which I think I mentioned to you guys in the past and in an email recently, plus some of you have done it as well).

Being semi away from the computer has left me missing online friends. I would LOVE if we all took the thing-a-day challenge together or some sort of thing like that. I was thinking if we all signed up to post over there everyday, then we could all use a similar signature at the end of individual posts that ties all of our posts together, so we can easily find each others posts or when someone reads one of our posts they would be linked here, or to all posts tagged “everydaycreate”. Or maybe we could just aim to post everyday over here, or if anyone else has any other ideas. I’m open. The thing I like about the ThingADay is that sooo many people participate and you get to meet so many new faces, so if we posted over there it might also breathe some fresh air and interest over here as well? Does that make sense?


Project 365

January 10, 2010

In an effort to get the blog up and going, I’m posting again!  I redesigned the site a little bit, just to give it a fresh start.  I don’t know if you guys like it, but if you hate it, it’s easy to change!  And no hard feelings.

I’m keeping up with my 365 project – here’s what I’ve got for the last week.

Oh and I finished a scarf that I made with some beautiful yarn Robyn spun!  I was searching for a special project to really show off her awesome work and I think this lace pattern really does the trick.

How’s everyone doing?  Anyone up for a January challenge?

Alright Alright Alright!

January 4, 2010

OK well it seems that the lovely Ms. Sheasy has got the ball rolling so I’ll try to keep up here too!  Like Sheasy, I’m also doing a 365 project with photos – I wanted to create a new piece of artwork every day but realistically I didn’t think that was going to happen so rather than set myself up for disappointment I figured I’d go with something I can actually probably keep up with.  Here’s my favorite one so far:

I’m going to try to create lots of artwork as well, maybe hang something in a show this year, etc. etc.  What this all boils down to is – I’m excited to keep creating!  And I hope you are all too.

What are everyone’s goals for the year?


January 4, 2010


Originally uploaded by sheasy

Knock, knock…. anybody home?

My second post EVER on the new blog! YAY, ME!

I’ve started a photo-a-day project for 2010 (as has Bri). I am posting my favorite pic of the day to a set on Flickr. I’d like to share some of the pics on this here blog from time to time. If anyone else is doing a similar project, my hope is that they will do the same. Or shoot, post anything. I miss you guys! (CYBER HUGS AND HIGH-FIVES FOR EVERYONE)

And… I’ve started keeping a photo wine journal (another set on Flickr). I’ll be sharing some of those with the group, too. Although, I fear my drinking ability surpasses my typing ability and holy smokes if the two ever meet, we will all be in trouble! I am a little rusty when it comes to blogging, but I am very excited about having a jumping off point like this to get me going. It was all of you that inspired me to start blogging in the first place, so thank you all so much for all of your encouragement, past and present.

Cheers to 2010! May all of your wishes come true this year.

Daily artwork

August 13, 2009

Time flies by when you’re creating artwork everyday.

Here it is, day 8 of my month long challenge to create a new piece everday, and I haven’t shared here yet.

So, as Bri mentioned, I set a challenge for myself at the beginning of the year to create a new piece of artwork AND list it to my etsy shop everyday for one whole month straight. August is the month. I’m only doing it monday through friday, because everyone needs a break, right?

I was a bit afraid going into the challenge that it would monopolize my entire evenings after my 9-5 job, but it turning out to be very enjoyable. I find the challenge to be a great push, and once that ball starts rolling it’s hard to stop it.


Project A Day

August 6, 2009

So if you’re all keeping up with Robyn you know her goal for this month is to create a new piece everyday.  I wanted to join the challenge, but since I was out of town for a few days, my projects for the beginning of August are all photographs!  I hope that’s ok, and I’ll be doing something more interesting from here on out.  I’ll also be posting here and trying to breathe some new life into this blog!  So invite friends, and let’s keep posting!

August 1st: my friend and her kid on the beach in Coronado Island, San Diego

DSC_0074August 2nd: just the cutest cousin that ever did exist

August 3rd: another cute cousin, and his self-portrait

August 4th: I love the aquarium.

August 5th: Dr. Suess plants are in full bloom.